Tickets for The Aluminum Cat - Hosted by Escape Character


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to go somewhere?

A: No, the show is entirely played from your computer. As long as you can listen and move your mouse, it's fine.

Q: Can I play with someone else?

A: Yes, that's great! Get separate tickets so you both can participate from your own machines. If you're in the same room, we recommend you use headphones as sound may be off by 1-2 seconds

Q: Do I need to use my microphone or camera?

A: No. You hear and see the actor, but we do not use your microphone or camera. You communicate purely with your mouse.


Note: the show is best experienced in groups. We may cancel slots with less than 3 tickets sold. If you already bought a ticket, email for a shareable discount code.

After the main run February 12 - March 11, 2019, shows may be booked by appointment